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Sir Germund the Great

I had many friends.
Undeservedly many for me.
But that gave me a great pain to visit them.
Imagine preparing their birthday presents every year.

So I called and gathered them,
Mashed their souls and bodies into a single chunk.
I cut my shadow as a cape to cover his loathsome body.
I gave him a name. Sir Germund the Great.

Alas, now I realize.
My fault, my terrible mistake.
I shouldn't have given them a new name.
It was wrong to call them Sir Germund.

Sorry, I have failed to respect you. 
No matter how ugly you are, you are still my friends.
Astrid, Frode, Solfrid the Fair, Sigur the Baldhead, Elba, Naknir the Delightful, Kelfrid the Duck-legged, Borfrer the Hawkeye, Baldis the Dead.
Now I will call you by your names.